Jonahs Valentine’s Day 




Yesterday we went to Dim Sum with my husbands friend from high school. Jonah did great the whole time. 

After eating we decided to go shopping around South Coast Plaza. 

 Today we are just relaxing at home. 

He is getting too long to be swaddled!! My little baby is not so little anymore!

Book Club

This month for book club we are reading Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. I can’t wait to go to book club this Sunday. It is at Brass Lamp which is a wine bar and coffee shop. It will be the first time I bring Jonah with me. 

I am grateful that my friend started this and invited me to be part of it. It really pushes me to read because I hate to read!

I decided to try to read one or two books a month. 


Yay it’s Friday!

My favorite day of the week because during the weekend my husband will be home so we can hang out together as a family.

This morning I woke up super sore. Last night I decided to do walk one mile with Leslie Sansone.

I also did planks for 20 seconds. When I attempted to do the five push ups from the 30 day challenge, I realized I was not able to do even one. This was discouraging because before having Jonah, I was able to do tons of push ups. I’ll just have to work at it.

I changed Jonah out of his night time clothes ( long sleeves)  into his day clothes (short sleeves).

IMG_3196 IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_3193

IMG_3198 IMG_3199

Now it is time for play gym…. Jonah is thinking.. I don’t want to play, I want to be held Mommy. LOLIMG_3200

Time for nap time in our ring sling!


Baby Jonah

After 38 weeks and 2 days of pregnancy, we were finally able to meet our precious baby boy. Due date September 1st. Scheduled c-section August 25th…. and he decided to arrive even earlier August 20, 2015.


Yay we are in the operating room getting a c-section.


Baby Jonah’s first picture.


Here is the first time I held him.


This was the day our lives changed for the better!

Our first family photo


Jonah is ready to leave the hospital

IMG_1958 IMG_1743 IMG_1754

First Car ride


Life at home

IMG_1782 IMG_1876

First time going to the doctor


At six days old we took him for his newborn photoshoot. Thank you so much to my sixth grade teacher who captured such stunning photos of my baby.


He was so tired after


I love holding his hand.


Our first walk together


Going to our first party at three weeks old.


YAY he loves bath time.


Daddy’s first day going back to work.. so we made him a gift


Wow I can not believe he is already one month old.

IMG_2781 IMG_2777 IMG_2804 IMG_2812

My sweet sweet boy

IMG_2820 IMG_2827IMG_2052Yay he loves shopping.


Jonah meeting Milky for the first time.


Eating and working out with a baby

Two days ago, my obgyn gave me the clear to start working out and resuming all activities. I am so excited because it has been so long since I have been able to do anything after having my baby via c-section.

For breakfast, I made a Belgium waffle, with cheddar cheese, egg, and ham. On the side I added cocktail cucumbers.


For Lunch, I made a salad: caesar dressing, cucumbers, lettuce, ham, croutons, and parmesan cheese.


After lunch, i looked up a 30 day challenge sheet..

Messages Image(326759641)

I did 50 squats.. with my baby in his sakura bloom ring sling! It is definitely a lot harder to work out with a baby because all my time is devoted to him. He also loves to be held all the time leaving me no time to work out alone.

For a snack, I had a chicken, potato, carrot, and breading from Pasty’s Kitchen in Los Alamitos. I also drank a bowl of Miso Soup.


Then for dinner I will be having orange chicken from Trader Joe’s and green beans.


Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

As a mom, I would say these ring slings are a life saver. They allow me to be mobile and kind of get back to my normal life. For the first few weeks after Jonah was born, I would not be able to do anything besides going on facebook on my phone while he was breastfeeding. This made it really hard because I knew that it was not reasonable to think that I would be able to do that forever.

Before Jonah was born, I bought a Moby Wrap, this was really complicated and too hot for us. Our friends really enjoy using the wrap but it was defiantly not for us. The material was really long and it was so hot since Jonah and I are both naturally hot.

One day, I was looking on baby forums and saw people talking about sakura bloom ring slings. Then I went on the site and saw that it was super pricey for just one ring sling. I kept debating but then I decided to see if someone was selling a used one of one of the facebook exchanges for Garden Grove. I was really lucky because one mom commented then personal messaged me about the ring slings and told me what each of the different slings that sakura bloom ring slings meant. Pures (discontinued Irish linen) and Classics (Belgian linen) are both single layer. Simples (discontinued) are double layer linen. Chambrays are double layer. Essential silk (two colors) and simple silk (one color) are both double layers.When I learned this, I decided that I should try it. I got a classic in acadia. This blue was very beautiful. I bought it off a mom whose baby did not really like ring slings.

IMG_3088.JPG IMG_3083.JPG IMG_3139.JPGIMG_3138.JPG

I loved this ring sling so much, I wanted to try other ones such as a chambray and a silk. So my husband and I went online and looked to see where their retailers are. We had to drive 15 miles just to find  a place just to find out that they only had the classics to try on. So then we looked online again and went to the next store in Newport Beach. Here I was able to try on a silk and I fell in love.


I really loved how the silk was really supportive and pretty. But I was not very fond of the brown. So I went online and found out that in order to get the pink (raspberry) color I would have to find someone who sold it on the Sakura BST since it was a discontinued color. That night around one or two in the morning I was able to find someone the group who was selling an essential silk raspberry and starburst. So I just up and purchased a new sling which is still being mailed to me.

I also really wanted to try a chambray so I purchased a brand new one in nectar. I think that this color is pretty because it complements a lot of clothes that I wear such as blacks, blues, reds, and pinks.

IMG_3174.JPG IMG_3169.JPG

I can not wait to see how great my starburst and raspberry sling will look on us.

Our new one came on October 7!!


Jonah is Seven Weeks Today!

I can not believe that my baby is already seven weeks old. I love being able to watch him grow every single day. I still remember the first day he came home. My husband and I never left his side. We kept watching him every hour of the day. In the beginning i was really adamant about not having him in our bed because I read about all the horror stories with SIDs. But after two weeks of talking to different people and reading about everyones experiences, I decided to try to see how he would be in our bed. That night, I had my husband watch us while I slept. He told me that I slept a lot differently. Although I was sleeping I would still feel his presence and feel more comfort. After that night Jonah has never left our bed. When he is not sleeping with me it feels kind of empty.

During the day he really likes to be held so I put him in the front carry position in my sakura bloom ring sling. He also likes to play in his play gym.


So far he does not really like tummy time but he has been doing it for a longer period of time before he cries.


These are pictures today of him as a seven week old baby. He is weighing 12.6 lbs.

image image image image